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Beer IS Special!

Love beer? So do we! We are now serving 8 draft beers AND Filbert's Old Time Draft Root Beer (open since 1926 - 1 year AFTER Bishop's).

Are you up for a culinary treat?

Besides our Chili that is...We are featuring a Smoked Cheddar jalapeno bratwurst. For a limited time only so come get one with your chili.

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Yes, we entered the digital age and no this web page doesn't count, we have monkeys jumping on keyboards to maintain this thing. Click Here to sign in and find us.
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Bishop's didn't accept credit cards in 1925 when we opened....

Some things never change. At Bishop's we don't accept credit cards. For your convenience, however, there is an ATM VERY nearby.

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Bishop's Famous Chili is sure good, don't you agree?  It takes us 24 hours to prepare each batch, that's why we request three (3) days notice to prepare larger requests.  And yes, 5 gallons counts as a "larger" so don't even try that one on us.  Help us help you by letting us know when you just have to have our chili!

Directionally impaired? Or just want to know how to find us?

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Bishop's Famous Chili
250 N. Cass Avenue
Westmont, IL 60559

Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday:  11 am - 9 pm
Sunday:  11 am - 6 pm
We will have all sorts of fun and prizes (and fun prizes) AND AND AND beer specials! So come see us on Sunday!

We are open open open on Sundays now for the Fall and Winter. When in doubt dial it out and call us at 630.852.5974, the answering machine ALWAYS has the correct information.

This year get an ULITIMATE CHILI LOVERS package from Bishop's Chili for whatever BIG you have going on!!  Invite 40-50 of your closest friends and send them home happy!

Ultimate Chili Lover

Are you and your entourage jonesing for some good ol' fashioned Bishop's Chili but you don't need all the fluff? Then you need, must have, can't do without the 5 Quart FIX.

5 Qt Fix

Don't have that many friends?  Or do you just not want to share with any of them?  That's OK too!  Get the Crowd Please Chili package.  If you don't want to share just talk to yourself and we'll call it a crowd, that's what we always do, we won't judge.

Crowd Pleaser Chili Package

Add 1 dozen tamales to any order for $16.99 and/or 1 dozen hotdogs for $23.99.

We try to accomodate all requests but we need 3 days to make this yummy goodness that Grandma Bishop started. And we know that individualization may be "IN" but not at Bishop's, no substitutions will be granted. Like a certain black knight used to say, "NONE SHALL PASS!".

Want GREAT deals? Want to keep up with the Jones'? We sure did!!
Bishop's Chili has entered the media age!! We are now texting special deals RIGHT to your phone! What do you have to do? Just text "CHILIME" to 313131. That's it!
Text CHILIME to 313131

A bowl of Bishop's Famous Chili has only 220 calories and 6 grams of fat (2 saturated). What's this you say? Yes, this is true, it is also gluten free! Of course if you add cheese and sour cream and you're on your own!

We've got a lot going on so don't just look at the pretty pictures look to the left for our Promotions and Events too!

Bishop's has been a Chicagoland favorite since 1925, when Grandma Bishop opened her doors at 18th and Damen streets on Chicago's west side. The fourth generation, (yes, you heard it right, 4th generation) has since relocated to 250 N Cass Avenue, Westmont, in Chicago's western suburbs.

We still follow the same recipe our Great Grandmother created almost 9 decades ago. We are proud to carry on the Bishop family name and we hope you will become part of our family's tradition.

BISHOPS CHILI VOTED ONE OF THE BEST CHILI'S IN CHICAGO voted Bishops Chili one of the best chili's in Chicago. To watch video, click link and scroll down to the video section of the site. The video is labeled "Chicago's Best Chili - #3 & #4".


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